Welcome to First Electrical, where our extensive experience allows us to meet our objective, which is to produce quality electrical services in a positive, closely controlled, professional and expertly managed manner.

We are proficient in the execution of projects, from beginning to completion. Our contract management knowledge allows us to develop the client’s performance requirements and ensure ┬áthat all installations and projects are undertaken to programme within budget.

Results are achieved with good communication, understanding, progress evaluation and the correct use of management tools i.e. progress evaluation, detailed reports and flexible approach to problem solving.

At First Electrical, team work is imperative

Between us, we have many years’ experience. Our complimentary styles of experience have produced a most capable team.

Core Business

  • New electrical installations, uncluding UPS systems (Single and three phase)
  • Supply and installation of generators
  • Upgrading of all electrical installations
  • Maintenance

Key Service Includes

  • Design (Full CAD facilities)
  • Lighting
  • Specialist Lighting (Special effects building illumination)
  • Planned maintenance
  • Distribution Systems
  • Power
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Mechanical control & Power